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National Galleries of Scotland —Activity SheetAn activity aid to accompany the Pete Horobin exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The poster reads “The artist Pete Horobin made a diary using a different sheet of paper every day for 10 years. He used words, photographs, drawings, and other bits and pieces, even his […]

StarchitectA game and a tool, for quickly drafting show-piece building developments. Roll, Sketch, win the commission!

Conic Brewing A small craft brewer from Glasgow. A taste for classic corporate design and a whimsical sense of humour combine to make Conic’s appropriately inappropriate identity. Conglomerate branding for a one man band.

Make Works —Patron’s Gift‘Hand And Hammer’ A pattern-making tool packaged as a typeface. Designed as a gift for Make Works to send to their patrons. Make Works is an open access directory of fabricators, material suppliers, workshops and manufacturers. Inspired by material and process ‘Hand And Hammer’ opens production to everyone. Much like Make Works […]

ScotPulse Identity for ScotPulse and a subsequent marketing campaign. Scotland’s largest online survey panel could not exist without opinions. So opinions were put at the heart of their identity and communications. Winner of Corporate Identity at the Scottish Creative Awards 2017 Bronze in Brand Development and Design category at the Marketing Society Star Awards 2017 […]

Palestinian Embroidering: Empowering Women and Strengthening Communities Textile designer and educator Claire Anderson needed a bilingual visual identity for her programme celebrating empowerment and craft in Palestinian and Scottish embroidery. Embroidery grid patterns inform the identity, as well as the feel and flow of a roll of fabric or a kelim rug. The identity is […]

Arto Saari —Rock and Roll Suicide Designed for Cultural Canons and Kickflips, an exhibition about art, skateboarding and music. This piece distills the above themes into a physical object —A vinyl using the music and sound of skateboarding from Arto Saari’s part in the 2002 skate video, “Sorry” from Flip Skateboards. Your browser does not […]

Ragin’ Special edition label for a collaboration between Dead End Brew Machine and Gallus Brewing. Based on the rage virus from the film 28 Days Later.

CulturePie Visual identity for CulturePie, a company that organised bespoke days out at the Edinburgh Festival and now organises cultural days out in Copenhagen. Daily itinerary and ticket holder

Typography for Jim Lambie Selection of typefaces together with Jim Lambie for his Barrowlands Park project, which is an 105 metre long concrete pathway and public art piece. The path was also drawn and laid out for the fabricator Russ Coleman. Challenges included sorting the acts into appropriate typographic genres and creating a pleasing texture, […]

Posters Look at me. Look at me. Do as I say. Promotional posters for various events. “I have been working with Malcolm for many years and more recently as part of his new outfit, A Day Out. Luckily, I have always been able to work with him on fairly open-ended briefs and have enjoyed the […]